Associate Exam Preparation Materials

Content Outline

The 50-question exam is based on the knowledge and skills that novices or advanced beginners in the healthcare CPD field should be able to demonstrate. The questions are divided among 7 of the 8 National Learning Competencies. The exam does not contain questions related to Competency 7: Engage in Self-Assessment and Lifelong Learning because the process of preparing for the exam is a relevant educational activity for those in the CPD field and because all certificate earners are expected to be engaged in the field and continually update their knowledge, skills, and competencies.

The questions in the exam are divided as follows:

  • Adult learning principles 18%
  • Educational interventions 18%
  • Measuring performance 8%
  • Collaboration 18%
  • Administration 24%
  • Leadership 8%
  • Systems thinking 6%

Candidates are strongly encouraged to carefully review the National Learning Competencies before applying for the exam and to guide their exam preparation activities.

Preparation Resources

To assist candidates in assessing knowledge and skills in preparation for taking the Associate exam, we have provided sample exam questions