Certified Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP)

What is CHCP? 

The purpose of the Certified Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP) credential is to provide an educational self‐assessment experience to individuals employed in the Healthcare CPD field while defining minimal competence for the healthcare education profession. The public and the profession deserve assurance that healthcare CPD (also known as CPPD, CPE, CE) is managed and monitored by individuals who meet rigorous standards and understand the principles of adult learning and professional development, know how to frame clinical content for maximum impact, and can interpret the rules and regulations that define the field. These Healthcare CPD professionals are responsible for maintaining the integrity of activities essential for re-licensure for the entire team of healthcare providers.

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Already Certified?

Don't let your CHCP credential lapse! Be a life-long learner and engage in education to qualify for re-certification. Use your CHCP designation proudly. Our marketing tool kit supports the promotion of your CHCP credential. Don't forget: encourage your colleagues to take the CHCP exam.

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Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate

The Healthcare CPD Associate Certificate supports the documentation of knowledge and skills by individuals working in the healthcare CPD/CME/CE field. The Certificate is designed for individuals working in any provider or supporter setting with at least one year of full-time experience in healthcare CPD. The Certificate reflects the minimum standards for knowledge and skill of those working in organizations related to the education for the entire team of healthcare providers.

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