CHCP Recertification

Recertification is available to CHCPs who have documented a CPD Portfolio of performance improvement activities or who choose to sit for and pass the current form of the CHCP exam. Recertification will be required every three years but once certified, CHCPs who maintain their certification (no lapses in renewals) will not be required to sit for another proctored exam. 

All CHCPs are responsible for updating their contact information in order to receive reminder emails prior to losing certification.

Regarding the new CHCP Exam

As of March 2018, the CHCP exam includes updated content to further reflect interprofessional practice and the updated National Learning Competencies and to ensure that the knowledge and skills evaluated in the exam fully align with those competencies continuing professional development (CPD) professionals need to perform their jobs. 

If you have already earned the CHCP credential and you have kept it regularly renewed, you do not need to retake the exam. Your CHCP certification continues to be valid as long as you remain current with the CHCP recertification process and submit your CPD portfolio during the appropriate recertification periods.

Annual Recertification Periods
Cost: $395
March Cohort CPD Portfolio must be received by March 15
June Cohort CPD Portfolio must be received by June 15
September Cohort CPD Portfolio must be received by September 15
December Cohort CPD Portfolio must be received by December 10

If you’re unsure which cohort you fall into or when you are up for recertification, please refer to the online registry or contact the Alliance Business Office at (202) 367-1151 or

Recertification Options

Candidates for recertification must be listed in the current Registry of Certified Healthcare CPD Professionals and must adhere to the policies and procedures posted online, including the CHCP Code of Conduct and the Candidates Handbook.

Candidates eligible for recertification have two options:

OPTION 1: "CPD Portfolio"

  • The CPD Portfolio is a method to document evidence of continuing competence within the Healthcare CPD field and demonstrate performance improvement while maintaining their CHCP credential.
    1. Submit a “CPD Portfolio” via email to the Alliance at documenting a minimum of 10 CPD and professional engagement points.
      • The review process can take up to 15 business days. 
    2. Once approved and accepted, you will receive instructions to fulfill the recertification fee. 
    3. A certificate indicating your recertification will be mailed to you.

   Instructions.png     Worksheet.png

  • If you are unable to evidence 10 points utilizing the worksheet you may complete the CPD Performance Scenarios Worksheet for a maximum of 2 points. There are 6 scenarios available for .5 points each. Please submit your scenarios along with your CPD Portfolio to the Alliance at
    • The “Performance Scenarios” provide opportunities to consider examples of day-to-day issues and activities within the Healthcare CPD ” environment and then to reflect upon how these situations relate to the Content Domains identified as pivotal to Healthcare CPD professionals. Performance scenarios should not include any information that is confidential to the Candidate or to her/his employer. Performance scenarios submitted as part of your portfolio will be peer-reviewed. 



  • If you do not meet the minimum required 10 CPD and professional engagement points mentioned above, you may also sit for and pass a current form of the Exam one month before your most recent certificate expires
  • Once approved and accepted, you will receive instructions to pay the $450 fee
  • Your certificate indicating your recertification will be mailed to you.
  • For more information on how to sit for the CHCP exam, please click here

Lapsed Certification

If you allow your certification to lapse, then your name will be removed from the “Registry of Certified Healthcare CPD Professionals” and you will not be permitted to use or display the CHCP credential.

Reinstatement requires passing the currently available and validated CHCP exam, as well as documenting 15 points of education and experiences within the Healthcare CPD field on the Eligibility Worksheet. There will be a $450 exam fee, including a $50 non-refundable processing fee.